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April 4, 2018, 10:10 AM

It's All Relationships

Why are you willing to maybe pay a little more for something at one store instead of choosing the cheaper one? It's all about relationships. You build a relationship with the owner, the workers, and you go there because you like them. 

Why would you have loyalty to a business that might be less conveniently located for you? Relationships. 

Why would you stay at a job that might not pay as well? Relationships.

Why would you stop everything you're doing to help someone? Relationships.

Why would you drive 30 minutes to church when there's a church 5 minutes away? Relationships. 

It's all about relationships. 

Jesus came to this planet to change the world. He accomplished it. The other day was Good Friday. Schools were out, businesses were closed, and many had no idea why. It was because of Jesus. He changed the world. Phil Robertson always asks people what the date is. He says that even atheists proclaim Jesus when they tell you the date. Jesus changed the world. He initiated something called, the church, which his disciples started, that changed the world. But how did he do it? 


He gathered up men. He went to two or three, or just one at a time, and he gathered them up to serve with him. He started out with 12 men. He started with 12 to change the world forever. Jesus understood the power of relationships. When people build relationships they will do things for and with each other that you never thought possible. 

The Great Commission, in Matthew 28:16-20, tells us to "go into all the world." We are commanded to teach, baptize, and disciple people. But if you look into the original Greek it can also be translated, "as you go." When I think about this I think about relationships. Every where I go I'm building relationships with people. I see the same lady working the counter at the local convenience store. I see the same ladies working at the bank. I befriend our neighbors. I start inviting a new couple at church over for dinner. I'm building relationships every where I go. 

If you want to build a business you better start understanding how to build relationships. 

If you want that college scholarship you better start understanding how to build relationships. 

If you want that promotion you better start understanding how to build relationships. 

It's all about relationships. 

In Matthew 22 Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment was. This was not an honest question it was a trap. These Pharisees tried to enforce over 600 laws and this was quite the pop quiz. Jesus had no trouble with their quizzes. He said the greatest commandment was to love God. You had to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He said the second was like it, love your neighbor as you love yourself.'s all about relationships. Loving God and loving people is about building relationships. For the next few weeks at church we are talking about discipleship... about investing into people. It all starts with relationships. The old saying becomes truer and truer to me every day..."people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

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