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March 24, 2015, 5:32 PM

Bitter or Better?

There are very few things in life we can control. When you are young you think you can control most things. This is why we wonder why teens don't slow down after a classmate dies in a car wreck. They don't slow down, because they are in control of their lives...or so they think. It will never happen to them, because they are in control. As we get older we learn that we control very little. How can we control anything when we can't even control ourselves?

The one thing you can control is your attitude. The dictionary definition of attitude is: "Manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc, with regard to a person or a thing." In other words, attitude is how you view life. How you view life greatly influences how you behave and react. 

I think we all know now that you can't avoid suffering or difficult times. No matter how good we are, no matter how healthy we are, no matter how conscientious we are, we just can't avoid tough stuff. Most of our difficult times we just can't control or avoid. We don't choose these difficult times. What we can choose is our attitude. Will you allow difficult times to make you better or bitter?

Let me give you some advice. If you choose the bitter path you will be very lonely. Bitter and angry people are no fun to be around. Bitter and angry people push people away, because they are not happy. They are full of self-pity and self-absorption. If you choose bitterness you better be ready to be by yourself. It's how you'll end up. 

I really advice you to choose better. Better involves learning lessons from suffering, and becoming a better person. Better involves being a blessing to other people and being surrounded by people who love you. Better involves growing in your faith and having a deeper relationship with God. 

Two disciples of Jesus turned their back on him...Judas and Peter. Judas got bitter. He was so overwhelmed with sorrow for what he had done, he got so bitter that he decided to hang himself. His life never took a turn for a better. He died sad and lonely. 

Peter has a different story. He too was saddened to the point of bitter tears, but he didn't allow his heart to turn bitter. We read in John 21 where Jesus reinstates Peter and tells him to feed his sheep. He didn't allow this low point in his life, denying Jesus 3 times, to define the rest of his life. He used  it to become a better person. He used to inspire him to go all in for God. Church tradition tells us that Peter was martyred for his faith. He was hung upside down, because he did not consider himself worthy to be crucified as Jesus was. We might think this as a loss, but for Peter it was a great gain. He considered it an honor to suffer for the cause of Christ. 

He ended his life as better not bitter.

I hope that you will make the same choice. 

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