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September 27, 2017, 9:51 AM

By Purpose or By Accident

Would you say that you live your life more by purpose or by accident? 

I's a tough question, and maybe a tough question to be really honest about. Or maybe it's just a tough question to answer period. As I sit here and write this post I've having a hard time answering this question. 

I would say that some of my life is on purpose and some of my life happens on accident. As I get older I see the need to live life on purpose. I see the need to be intentional or nothing will ever really change in my life. I will not accidentally get healthier or more productive. It just doesn't work that way. 

When Jesus was leaving this earth he gave his disciples a very clear and concise purpose in something we call, The Great Commission, in Matthew 28. He told them there were three purposes he wanted them to fulfill..teach people the Gospel, baptize them, and disciple them. This was very clear and simple. This was very practical, and this was very measurable. So how do you and I stay on purpose in our lives?

1. Get simple. 

If you want to start living on purpose you have to keep it simple. You aren't going to make changes in your life if the changes are complex and overwhelming. To be more purposeful I've started to make a list every day I'm at work to get things done. The list is very simple and short. If I get those tasks done then I can add more, but if I write down 40 things I will get overwhelmed and will get nothing done. Get simple. 

2. Get practical

Jesus was very practical with the disciples. Teach them, baptize them, disciple go do it. It wasn't necessarily easy, but it was clear. If you are going to get purposeful in your life you have to get practical. One of the things I want to get purposeful about is visitation and discipling. So I have made a practical goal of making five contacts a day with people that attend my church. It's not flashy, but it's something that if I do it good things will happen. I make more connections with people, I get to pray with people, I establish more meaningful relationships, but I only accomplish this if I get practical. Abstract ideas just don't move us to action. I need something I can easily understand and accomplish. 

3. Make it measurable

When the church was started on the day of Pentecost it was written that there 3,000 people baptized that day and more were coming to Christ every day. That's called measurable. Jesus told them to teach people, baptize them, and disciple them. All of these things are measurable. 

I wrote down my practical goal of making visits and contacts with people. I said I wanted to do 5 a day. That's very measurable. So what are some of your goals in being more purposeful in your life? Money goals? Relationship goals? Spiritual health goals? The only way that you will know you are making progress is to make them measurable. So if you want to get more spiritually healthy how about praying for five minutes every morning before you go to work or school? That's simple, practical, and measurable. If you want to do better with your money how about doing something measurable like trying to see how long you can make a $20 bill last? It's really kind of a fun challenge, and it's very measurable. If you want to improve your friendships make a measurable goal to make three phone calls a week to your friends and just check in on them. 

Life is short. It's too short to live it on accident. Being purpose-driven is a Biblical principle and concept. God used it with the people of Israel, Jesus used it with his disciples, Paul used it in his teaching to the churches, and you and I would be much better off if we used it. 

Now go live on purpose today! 


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