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February 15, 2017, 9:30 AM

Dear Younger Me

I was driving down the road with my oldest son and was flipping through the radio stations when he heard a song that he liked and asked me to listen to it. It was a song by MercyMe called, Dear Younger Me. It's been a couple of weeks so I don't remember any of the lyrics, but the message stuck with me. 

If you could tell the younger version of yourself anything what would it be? 

How far would you go back? Would you go back to your high school self, your twenty-something self, your 30-someting far would you go back? Remember, you have ONE thing you can tell them. You have one piece of advice that you can give them. I've thought a lot about this. Actually I've started this blog three times on this subject and just could not pull the trigger. Today I have it. 

I would day, "Dear younger me, don't give up, don't ever give up."

I stole this line from a speech by former North Carolina State men's basketball coach, Jim Valvano. This line was in a speech he gave at the ESPY's awards show just several weeks before he died of cancer. It's a great speech, but it rings true for my life. 

If you are going to try to make a difference in this world you will have opposition. You have things come at you that make you feel like quitting. I know we all have. I was sitting there working on my sermon this week at a local McDonalds. One of the men was talking about how he was tempted to quit his job many times. It was a difficult job that required being away from his family. He wanted to quit many times, but he didn't and he was glad he didn't. Today he has a nice retirement, he was able to provide well for his family, his perseverance paid off. 

You see when we give up and quit we miss out. 

Let's imagine that right now you are in a valley. A valley is a depression between two higher points. I lived in a valley when I was a kid, a literal one. It was called the Willamette Valley. It was in between the impressive Cascade Mountain Range...home to Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Hood, and the smaller Coastal Range. But just imagine that you are in a figurative valley. You are at the bottom, you are kind of struggling. The thing about a valley is you don't have to stay there. There's another mountain peak with spectacular views up ahead. But to get the peak you have to go through the valley. If you quit in the valley you will never see the spectacular views. 

If you quit when things are tough you'll never see the wonderful things that happen when you get through it. How many of us have squandered excellent opportunities, because we were unwilling to deal with the valleys? I'm sure many of you, including me. 

So dear younger me...don't give up. Keep going. One big factor in success is simply to keep going. Remain faithful. Perservere. When you do this you will experience some incredible things. You will achieve many of the things that you once felt were impossible. 

Oh, this blog is for all of you, too. So you don't give up, either! 

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