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October 3, 2017, 8:24 AM

Devotion is a way of life

The dictionary definition of devotion is "earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.". 

Devotion is a way of life. We see a lot of devotion with sports fans. They have bumper stickers on their vehicles. They have personalized license plates declaring their devotion. They get tattoos. They wear the jerseys and the gear. They decorate their homes with the logos of their team. I have a brother in law that has his favorite NASCAR racer's number tattooed on him. It's's a way of life. There's no wavering. This is not for fair-weather people. Devotion is not for the faint of heart...just ask a Cleveland Browns fan! 

In Acts 2 the church begins with a flourish. We see 3,000 people get saved and there are more coming to Christ every day. It's quite the sight. But when we read the end of chapter two it's more than just a one-day flash in a pan. These are die-hard Christians. Here's what Acts 2:42 says about them, They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

This was not something they did when there was nothing else to do or it was just convenient to do this. So what does devotion look like as a follower of Christ. Devotion is devotion no matter what you are involved, but here's a few things I really believe devotion is:

1. Devotion is not for the faint hearted

Why aren't more people devoted to anything? It's because they are faint hearted. They are too easily distracted, discouraged and disengaged. If you are going to devote yourself to something you have to have some courage. You have to have a little bit of a backbone. You can't be one that gives up easily. You have to have some stubbornness in you. Devotion is simply not for people who are not ready to have a little hardship. This doesn't mean that you never feel like giving up it just means you don't give in to your feelings. 

2. Devotion is a daily commitment

Jesus said that if you want to be a follower of his you had to pick up your cross DAILY. Every day you must make a decision to either be devoted to God or not. You are tested every day. Your decisions to do what is right are tested moment by moment throughout a day. Are you going to do give in or do what is right? You can't decide to do this once a month or even once a week. Every day we wake up we take on the battle. Devotion recommits on a daily basis. 

3. Devotion is rising above how you feel

The basketball star, Larry Bird, was known as "The Hick From French Lick." Bird was from the little Indiana town of French Lick. He was raised in poverty. He suffered loss as a young man, his dad killed himself. He dropped out of Indiana University, because of the size of the school and a lack of funds and he became a garbageman in his hometown. He eventually went to the smaller Indiana State and the rest is history. Bird may not have had the natural athleticism that some basketball stars had, but his devotion and his work ethic were almost unmatched. Bird took 200 practice shots every day. Seven days a week all year long...200 shots. My arms would fall off if I took 200 shots, then you get back up the next day and do it again. Do you think there were days that he didn't FEEL like doing that? I imagine he felt like skipping it more than he felt like doing it, but it's called devotion. 

Devotion rises above how you feel and keeps the commitment, because you have a devotion to the cause. 

4. Devotion pays no attention to what others do

When Joshua was transitioning out of leadership for Israel he gave a speech. It's one of most inspiring and unforgettable words in the Bible. In chapter 24 Joshua gathers the people he'd been leading and gives them a challenge. He challenges them to serve God and not the idols of their forefathers. But finally he tells them that no matter what they are going to do he and his family were going to serve Almighty God. 

Devotion does not hold it's finger in the air and try to determine which way to go. Devotion does not take polls. Devotion does not gather focus groups to see what the best thing to do is. Devotion decides what is best and goes forward...despite what others may do. 

Social media has made it very evident that we are naturally interested in the opinions of others. On Facebook we actually have a LIKE button and now even a button with a heart on that people can really LOVE what we are doing. It feels good to have someone like what I'm doing, but I cannot be controlled by this. 

My devotion to God and my church must be driven by God and my own decision to do it. Other people's opinions of what I do will come and go. They will be positive and negative depending on the day. My devotion cannot be swayed by this. I get up everyday committed to God who does not change. 

Devotion is a way of life. I pray that you will be choose to be devoted to the right thing for your life. 

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