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December 16, 2015, 9:57 AM

Don't deny your experience

There are two basic ways to learn and understand. One is education. Education is so important. As a minister I am constantly seeking to gain more education. I try to read as much as I can. I go to conferences to help teach me more about what I do. I get together with other people who do what I do and try to learn from them. Education comes in many forms, and I believe we should always be seeking to learn. When we stop learning we stop growing. 

The other form of learning is experience. I probably learn more from this than anything. Through experience we learn what DOES work and we learn what DOES not work. When I lived in the Minneapolis area I listened to a local radio show as much as I possibly could. The show's host really focused on good, old-fashioned common sense. One of the things he would say all the time was, "Don't deny your experience." What he was saying is that some people would try to tell you something was true, but when your experience told you otherwise don't deny it. 

One of the lessons I've learned from experience is that if you don't get involved in a church you won't stick with it. I have watched so many families come to the church, stay around for a short time, and then kind of disappear. I would get asked by people in the church, "what happened to them?" Many times I did my best to follow up on them and connect, but after a while they just kind of faded away. I watched other people who came to church and stuck and came for years. The difference, probably 90% of the time, was they got involved. They attended a small group or they got involved in a ministry. They got involved and they got connected. 

I've tried to deny this experience at times and just thought if I could preach better sermons or be a nicer person or improve our church building or improve other facets of the church then people would stay. All of these are important, but people who stay long term with a church get involved...simple as that. 

First of all, I hope that you are going to church. If you are not I hope you start seeking one out. Secondly, if you are just beginning with a church find a way to get involved. They will love to have you. Thirdly, us church people have to be open to others getting involved. We must be inviting and welcoming to new people. The stakes here are high. We aren't just about gaining people to "our church", but we are about helping people meet Jesus and helping them have a relationship with him and then helping others do the same. 

I can't deny what my experience teaches me. The truth is the truth. I hope that we'll be courageous enough to embrace the truth and do something about it!

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