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May 10, 2018, 10:54 AM

Finding purpose every day

Everybody's working for the weekend. 

It's finally Friday, I'm free again. I got my motor running for a wild weekend. 

There are many more songs written about the weekend. There's actually a country song called, The Weekend. 

Here's the problem with waiting for the weekend...we are missing the purpose of each day. We are missing opportunities to make a difference each day of the week. 

One of the purposes God has for your life is WORSHIP. Worship is not something that just happens on Sunday morning or a Wednesday night at church. Worship is a lifestyle. Just imagine this. A person joins Alcoholics Anonymous. The person's meeting is on Mondays. Tuesday-Sunday this person gets drunk and then shows up every Monday sober. When the group figures out what this person is doing they are really worried. This isn't the point of AA. It's not just about showing up to the meetings sober, it's about changing your life. It's about living it out every day of the week. 

The same is true of worship. It's not meant to be something that is just done one day a week it's a lifestyle. 

Romans 12:1 describes this kind of worship a LIVING sacrifice. This is in comparison to the sacrifices of the Old Testament. The sacrifices of the Israelite people were meant to be their best. In Malachi chapter one Malachi is rebuking the people of Israel for giving defiled sacrifices. They weren't giving their best, and it was not okay. God expected their best. The same is true of us today. 

God doesn't want our leftovers. God doesn't just want one day of worship and six days of ignoring him. God wants all of us every day. This might sound pretty demanding, but think about this. 

God does not expect anything from you that you can't give. He's not an unfair parent who has unrealistic and impossible expectations of you. He only wants what you have. He is able to be pleased. If you simply give him your best that's all he wants. He doesn't expect out of you what you cannot give. 

So as you read this and you move on with your life go give your best. Give your best in your work. When you go home give your best to your wife and kids. When you spend your money do it to the glory of God. Take care of your health as if God has given you life. (he has by the way) 

Go live your life on Don't wait for the weekend! 

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