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August 24, 2015, 9:12 PM

In View Of God's Mercy

When I was growing up I had a spectacular view, but never realized it. On a clear day I could see four mountain peaks...Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Jefferson. This was something that I grew up seeing, it was no big deal. When I was nineteen I moved to southeast Iowa to go to Bible college. The tallest "peak in Iowa is Hawkeye a whopping 1,670 feet. The tallest peak I could see was Mount Rainier, with a peak of 14,411 feet. Wow! If you have ever flown into Seattle you've flown right over it, and if you've ever flown into Portland, Oregon you've got a birds-eye view of Mount Hood. They are quite amazing. I didn't realize what I had right outside my window. 

Romans 12:1 says that in "view of God's mercy" we should offer our lives to God. What does this mean?

It means that when we think of the mercy and grace of God it should move us to give our lives to him...ALL our life. There's a lot of reasons why people want to become Christians. Maybe they are scared of Hell and don't want to go there. Maybe they've heard how awesome Heaven will be and they don't want to miss it. Maybe they've heard of the good life you have on earth as a Christian and they want to experience it. But the greatest motivation for serving God is a simple expression of gratitude for his grace. 

In other words, when we get a full view of his mercy we want to give back. 

When I was a kid my family was going through some difficult times. I was too young to remember what exactly was going on, but we were struggling. All I remember was coming home and seeing a whole bunch of groceries by our front door. I rememeber my mom started crying, and as a young boy I thought, "Mom, why are you crying. We've got a whole front step full of FREE FOOD!" My mom was so overcome by someone's act of kindness that she just started crying. I remember thinking, and still think this, that I wanted to do this for someone someday. God has given me opportunities and I've gladly taken them. You know why? 

I was a recepient of kindness and I wanted to give it back when I could. I had a view of mercy up close and personal and I want to extend that to others. I knew how good it felt and I wanted to pass it on.

As you live your life think about the kindness and mercy God has extended to you. Does he deserve some gratitude? Does he deserve some praise? Does he deserve an attitude from you of thankfulness? I think the answer is pretty easy. 

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