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May 31, 2017, 10:03 AM

Inside Out

Do you remember your first car? 

My first car is still my favorite car. It was a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo with t-tops and a 305 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor. Man, I loved it. I washed it so much that my dad said I was going to wash off the paint. I loved to detail it. I loved to get the Armor All out and shine that dash up. I loved to vacuum it and get it looking good. I loved to make it look good. As a young guy that was my main goal...make it LOOK good. I wasn't so worried about oil changes, tranmission services, rusty brake lines, or anything like that. The inside working of the car was not that big deal to me. 

As you get older you realize that how the car runs is much more important than a shiny dash or good lookin chrome wheels. For the vehicle to truly be in good shape you need to make sure the oil is changed frequently, that the transmission is serviced in a timely manner, and that the tires and brakes are taken care of. 

The same is true of our lives. In Matthew 23:25-28 Jesus scolds the Pharisees for their hypocrisy. They could make their outside look good to everyone. They could appear to be righteous when they really were not. Jesus compares them to a couple of things. 

1. A cup that's clean on the outside but not the inside. 

If you've ever had little kids wash your dishes you've probably looked them over before you've used them. Kids are good at making the outside look good, but forgetting about the milk ring on the inside. We know that the inside is what's really important. The same is true of our righteousness. If we just clean up the outside to make people think we are righteous, but are dirty inside, that's not what God is after. 

2. Whitewashed tombs. 

Jesus said their lives were like whitewashed tombs. It doesn't matter how pretty a tomb may appear there are still dead bones inside of it. No matter how much the Pharisees worked at trying to make themselves look on the outside they were still dead spiritually. 

How much have you tried to make people think you were ok, but you knew you really weren't? 

So what is God after? 

The Bible calls David a "man after God's own heart." When you begin to read about the life of David you realize he was not perfect. He was far from it. He actually committed a heinous sin when, because of lust for another man's wife, he had an officer in his army sent to the front line where he would certainly be killed. When God saw all of this he sent a prophet named, Nathan, to address this issue. Nathan told him a story about a man who had a big flock of sheep but didn't want to pick from his flock for a big dinner. He wanted the one little lamb that another man had raised like his own child. The man with the huge flock took the man's one little lamb and took it for the dinner. David was furious at this story. He said that they should take that man and punish him severely for his selfishness. Then Nathan said, "You are the man." 

David was heartbroken at what he had done. He had been so caught up in his lust that he lost his mind. But when he was confronted with his sin he was truly sorry. 

This is what God is after. No...God is not wanting us to commit heinous sins. But God does want us to have soft hearts willing to be repentant and humble. He wants our hearts. He knows we are desperate need of the grace of God, but he wants ALL of us. 

He is not asking for anything we can't give. Just ourselves. 

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