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January 3, 2018, 11:24 AM

It Is What It Is

You ever said, "it is what it is." What do you mean? 

This phrase was first recorded in 1972 by James Brown in the song, Mind Power. It's been in various songs, it's been the title of a movie, and it's been uttered in movies and TV shows. I think it means that we just accept something even if we don't like it or its weird or unexpected. We may not like it is what it is. 

2018 is upon us. You might want some positive change in your life in 2108, but it will not happen simply because you flip the calendar. 2018 is merely a number it won't magically change anything. If you have the "it is what it is" attitude about 2018 you will no positive changes. Actually, I would say that you will probably find your life moving in a direction you don't like. Most things that we call accidents are not positive. we call them accidents, because the result was not intended and it was unwanted. 

If you are not purposeful and intentional about your life it will be come an it is what it is year for you. God is big on purpose. The word, purpose, is listed 36 times in the Bible. Purposed is used 19 times, and purposes is used 5 times. God does not do things on accident or without purpose. This all sounds good but how do I live on purpose and be intentional about my life in 2018. Here are some things that help me...

1. Write it down. 

I have a little white board in my office that I write down my daily goals. These are tasks that I must get done that day. I start my day at the office writing these down. When I get one done I cross it off. It's about taking action. Proverbs 19:21 tells us that we have many plans in our hearts. We all have kinds of ideas, but if we are not intentional about them and write them down and get intentional about them it won't happen. Write them down, take action, and you will feel much better about your day and your productivity. 

2. Tell someone else your plans. 

There are about 59 "one another" verses in the Bible. These verses instruct us on how to interact with each other. The point is that you were never meant to live this life alone. If you are going to be successful in making your life purposeful and intentional you have to tell others about your plans. When you bring others into your life and your plans you add accountability and support. I have friends in my life that ask me questions about what book I'm reading to grow, or what I'm doing to accommplish my goals. I know they will ask me so I better have an answer. Their support makes me accountable and pushed me to action. 

3. Commit your plans to God

Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." I love this verse, because it gives me hope. I know that many of my purposes and plans are beyond what I can do on my own. I need the help of God and I want the help of God. The Bible tells me that I'm God's fellow and God are co-workers. That's pretty cool! I get to be partners with God in this thing called life. I'm not here all by myself with my own purposes and plans...I've got God on my side. 

4. One last thing to remember...failure is not failure. 

We can make many plans that don't succeed. We can work really hard and not get the results we desire. We can do everything the "experts" tell us to do and nothing works. Don't lose heart. Whenever I find these things happening I have realized something...God has something better for me. My plan wasn't God's plan and he's got something better for me. You job is not to know the future or control all the results...your job is to remain faithful and obedient. If your plans have failed just keep being obedient and faithful and God will give you some plans that are much better. 

I hope that 2018 is your best year yet. I pray that you will be purposeful and intentional like you've never been before. God has great stuff in store for you if you'll just remain faithful and not give up! 

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