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February 24, 2017, 12:47 PM

Living with the purpose of Jesus

How do you live every day? 

I know that there are things we must do. We get up and shower and take care of our bodies. We must get in our vehicles and try to safely drive to get where we are going. We must go to work to provide for ourselves and our families. Then there are workouts, kid's sports and activities, and other events that take up our time. I'm not necessarily asking you to change anything you are doing just maybe throw a little purpose in there. 

Just ask yourself this...if Jesus came to your job what purpose would he have?

First of all, I think he would do a good job. I think that would be important to him since the Bible says that we are to be good employees, not just when the boss is looking but when he's not. 

Secondly, I think he would look for ways to be kind of share his message to his co-workers. I heard a preacher recently say that we need to find ways to reach out to co-workers without getting called into HR. In other words, don't be weird. 

How would Jesus act at your kid's ballgame? Would he scream at the referees and criticize the coach? I doubt it. He would find ways to be kind. He would strike up conversations with others in the stands. He would seek to get to know them and find ways to minister to them. He might walk up to the coach and tell him how much he appreciated the coach's hard work. 

What purpose would Jesus have at your gym? What would Jesus' purpose be with your family? 

I tend to have a purpose when I go places, but many times it's merely selfish. I want to go this ballgame to see my kid, and only MY kid, do well. I want to go to this restaurant to get my meal in a timely fashion and just how I want it. I'm not that concerned with the waitress and whether or not she knows Christ or has had a tough day. 

I need to get more on the purpose of Jesus. 

As I left my hotel room this week I did something I'd never done. I always leave a tip. I try to clean out the change in my pants and leave a couple of dollar bills. I know the cleaners have a tough job. But this time I wrote a note. I told them how much I appreciated their hard work and I wrote down, "God bless you." It wasn't much, but it was something I'd never done. I'm not sure the tip really impressed them, but I'm hoping the combination of the two spoke into the cleaning lady's life at least a bit. I never met the person, and I probably never will. But maybe I planted a seed. Maybe someone else will have an opportunity with them, because I did just a little bit extra. 

How can you live today more with the purpose of Jesus in your mind? Actually, more than just in your mind, but in your actions and in your interactions with people?

Jesus' purpose with people and his interactions with them didn't just make them feel better about themselves, but it gave them hope. It gave them hope that maybe, just maybe, someone cares for them. Maybe, just maybe, their lives and their jobs mean just a little more than cleaning a room or delivering a meal. 

Go live on the purpose of Jesus today! 

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