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February 17, 2015, 1:31 PM

Look At What God Has Done

In Luke chapter fourteen Jesus is instructing the people on the importance of counting the cost. He uses the example of building a tower. Before you build a tower you want to count the cost of building so you don't look like a big dummy when you run out of money and there's a half-finished tower sitting there. 

I used to attend a church conference in Tulsa. On our drive from Louisiana to Oklahoma in a little town in Texas there was a huge sign that said, "Look what the Lord has done!", on the side of the road.  Behind the sign there was a half-finished church building. It had been sitting there so long the framing lumber had turned gray. We joked for several years about these people "blaming God" for not finishing their building..."look what God did!"

God gets a lot of blame and not much credit. Whenever there is tragedy many people ask, "Where is God? Why isn't God doing anything?" I remember when the planes took down the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001, so many people were blaming God. People are looking for a reason, looking for a scapegoat...and it was God. 

Do you know why those towers fell on that day? It's because evil people hijacked those two planes and flew them right into the towers. We live in a fallen world where evil exists and it reared it's ugly head that day in a big way. 

From the time Adam and Eve decided they'd rather obey a snake rather than God, God has been pursuing us. God has been reaching out to us. He's been trying to get our attention. 

He used Noah to preach for 100 years. He used Abraham to creation a nation of people. He used Moses to establish a law and bring us back to Him. He gave kings to the nation of Israel. He gave us prophets. He gave us written words. He gave us John the Baptist to prepare the way, and ultimately he gave us his only child, Jesus Christ.

While I would not blame any one person for all the evil and disease and sorrow in the world, ultimately it is the fault of the human race that we suffer and bad things happen. God created a perfect existence for us and we rejected it. When I say WE I mean mankind. I'm not saying that your sin caused cancer or caused a tragedy or caused something terrible to happen to anyone, but mankind's rejection of God has helped create this messy life we live. 

Before we begin to blame God and say, "look what God has done", consider a couple of things:

1. What's your part in messing up your life?

A lot of my issues in life have nothing to do with God punishing me or God doing something to me. Most of my issues in my life have been created by me. I have made bad decisions. I have done some dumb things. I have allowed sin to creep into my life and I've suffered the consequences. 

2. Think about what God HAS DONE for me

If I can think of nothing else I can thank God for LIFE. He let's me wake up every day and live. I get to breathe in and out. But if we are believers we know that there's MUCH more. He's given me a family...a great wife and great kids. He's given me a way to support my family through my work. He gave me believing parents. He has given me a home. He has given me a great church family. He has given me friends. Most importantly, he has given me a chance at salvation through his Son. That cost God give me salvation it cost God his only child. 

Remember that church building in Texas I told you about. Well, that last time I drove by it was finished. So maybe God did a little more than we thought He did. That might just be a good lesson for life. 


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