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February 5, 2019, 9:49 AM

Love Is A Verb

If you listen to Christian music at all you have probably heard of Toby Mac. You've also probably heard of the Newsboys. Their lead singer is Michael Tait. These two guys were part of a very successful group called, DC Talk. They sang a song called, Luv Is A Verb. The song basically said that love is not just some emotional feeling but it's something that you do. 

I was looking at church websites yesterday and I came across something I found interesting. Different churches have different focuses or ways they communicate what they do. One particular church said that they were about making church into a verb. In other words, they were not just a group that met together but they were active. They were trying to do what God wanted them to do...not just talk about it. 

Something that you hear a lot in politics is rhetoric. It's defined as "the art of persuasive speaking or writing." It's what politicans say to to get elected. They might mean it or they might not. As citizens we are more interested in what they are going to DO not just SAY they are going to do. 

Isn't the same true of us as the church? 

We might have good rhetoric. We stand for this. We are for this. Here's our mission statement, our purpose statement and our values. These things are important to have down, but what's more important is what we do. Love is a verb. It's something that we do not just something that we talk about or plan. 

Jesus made a powerful yet simple statement in John 14:15, "if you love me obey my commands." If you love me DO what I say. Don't just talk about how much you love me act like you love me. This is the great challenge isn't it? If we are going to talk the talk then we must walk the walk. So maybe that's your mission this week. Walk the walk. Today as you read this I want you to be encouraged and challenged to do what's right not just talk about it. 

Unlike most politicans let's have our rhetoric match our actions. 

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