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January 28, 2015, 11:00 AM

New Life

When you're struggling with having no hope it's a terrible place. I was visiting with someone the other day who has struggled with depression. I asked them what it was like. He said it was a feeling of things can't or won't get better. This is why many who struggle with depression continue to go deeper and deeper into it. There's no why even try?

I was speaking to another friend about someone who was looking for a job. In my mind I was thinking that they should have no problem finding a job. Just north of us in the state of Iowa they announced that the unemployment rate was around four percent. This means that pretty much everyone who wants a job has a job. Then the next day I heard about a job fair they were having to almost beg people to take these jobs. How can anyone be struggling to find a good job? Partly it's because people have given up hope in themselves. They don't see themselves as being someone any good company would want to hire. There's no hope so why even try to get a good job?

One of the core messages of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is new life...HOPE! One of the greatest things the Gospel does to people is breathe new life into them. Romans 6:1-4 talks about being set free from sin and gives us this statement in verse four..."through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life."

What a great message! No matter what you've gone through. No matter how bad you feel about yourself. No matter how much hopelessness you feel right this can have new life. New life can be breathed into you. 

The only source of this new life is God. Positive thinking is great, but the only source of positive thinking is God. Feeling good about yourself is great, but the only source of anything good is God. Making positive changes in your life is a great step, but real change only comes from God. 

This week in my sermon at Lancaster Christian Church, I'm going to be talking about how we get this new life. If you can be there this Sunday for that, don't miss it! If you can't be at church for this message you can listen online at our website. 

I want people to know that no matter where they are right now, even in the darkest of your days, there is hope. There is a chance for new life. But no matter what I say, YOU have to believe that to be true. YOU have to be believe enough to take steps to help make it happen. God has given you the you have to accept it. 

There's hope!


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