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September 24, 2015, 5:27 PM

Not Where We Want To Be...But It's Ok

When you are young you are asked many times, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" What was your answer? Fireman, policeman, nurse, professional athlete, actress? You might have responded by saying what your dad or mom did, because when you are little your parents are your heroes. They are larger than life. 

As you enter high school and your teenage years it may change a few times, and even in college the average person changes their major three to four times. We have dreams a long the way, sometimes they come true and some times they don't. As you are reading this has your life turned out so far like you have dreamed it would?

I would imagine that many of us are not working our dream job or our dream job is not quite what we expect it would be. The dream is becoming a lot more complicated than we thought. That dream person that you married has flaws that you never knew about. We always put our best foot forward when we are dating, and we don't quite reveal our full self. My wife thought I kept a neat and tidy vehicle all the time, freshly washed, vacuumed and Armor Oiled. It didn't take her long after we were married to see that this tidiness of mine was a big facade. I did that before every date to impress her. 

Maybe you aren't living in the town you'd dreamed of living. You had dreamt of a six bedoroom, 5 bathroom estate with a white picket fence, large manicured lawn, and paved driveway. But you find yourself still renting a house too small for your needs. You aren't driving your dream car, but rather a car that will haul your family. "Grocery getters" is what young people call them. 

So what do you do when life hasn't quite turned out like you want? How do you react when your dreams haven't come true and you are left with a reality that doesn't thrill you? 

1. It's ok to dream.

Don't allow unfulfilled dreams to stop you from dreaming. There are many examples of people who did great things after years and years of failing or not living up to expectations. God says in Proverbs 16:3 to commit our plans to Him and he will make them succeed. Another word for plans could be dreams. Keep committing your dreams to God. Keep pursuing them. Keep working hard. You don't have to give them up. 

2. Find contentment where you are.

1 Timothy 6:6 says, "But godliness with contentment is great gain." 

Contentment does not mean that you never want more or give up on dreams. Contentment is a mindset. Contentment means that I'm going to choose to be happy with what I have. If I never get any more I can be happy here. When I think of contentment I think of being able to look around and find joy in what I already have. If you aren't able to have sportscar anymore but have to drive a minivan it probably means that you have children. Isn't it a blessing to have children? Don't answer that too fast! Think about it. The other night I just looked at my daughter and smiled. She was over in the corner and just reading a happy and content with the smallest things. Life is good. 

3. If God closes one door another one is about to open.

Ok, I know this sounds like a religous cliche that religious people say and think to make them feel better about their pathetic lives. I get that cynicism. But it really is true. I have seen it time and time again in my life. There have been dreams of mine that never quite came to be, because God has something better for me. One of my dreams was to play college baseball. I had always wanted this, but I realized at about 15-16 years old that this dream would probably not come true. I had a hard time making my local all-star team let alone play in college. My senior year in high school we had some really good players who had attracted some scouts. As "luck" would have it I got seen and had some really good games. I actually ended up getting offers to play for two small schools. It wasn't UCLA or Stanford or Oregon State, but they were colleges. My dream never really came about, because I felt the call of God to not attend either college and go train to be a preacher. Although I questioned God's purpose and plan throughout this process I'm so glad he did what he did. He closed one door and opened up a much better door. 

Maybe you aren't where you want to be in life. That's ok, hang in there. Maybe it's not time yet...your dream is still out there but the timing isn't good. Maybe your dream really is a nightmare and God has something much better for you around the corner. Maybe you just need to look around and enjoy what you have. Maybe you really have accomplished your dream but you just can't see it. 

Remember this...God is good all the time. All the time God is good. 

That's true all the time!

Have a great week,


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