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September 20, 2017, 9:06 AM

Pray without ceasing...c'mon, really?

There are verses in the Bible that make me really wonder just how true they are. I know that sounds terrible coming from a preacher, but I'm being honest. In Luke 17:6, Jesus says that if I have faith of a mustard seed I can uproot a tree. I mean that sounds good, but can I really? I think Jesus was using hyperbole there to help me understand that I don't need a whole lot of faith to do great things. The power is in God...not in my faith. 

Then there's 1 Thessalonians 5:17, "pray without ceasing." 

Ok, what about when I'm sleeping? It's hard to pray when I'm working. I can't really pray when I'm having dinner with my family. I mean, this seems a bit much. 

Again, it's hyperbole. Paul isn't talking about 24 hour prayer vigils he is talking about a lifestyle of prayer. So why don't you have a lifestyle of prayer? Why do we much more often have a lifestyle of worry, anxiety, fear, and stress? So you just don't pray much or ever...why? 

You believe God loves the world, but not so sure he likes you. 

Why would you bother to pray if you didn't believe God cared about you individually? If you believe that you are a nuisance and a bother to God you aren't going to pray. Psalms 149:4 says that "God delights in his people." God doesn't just love the world, as if it were company policy, God really does like you. He wants to hear from you. 

You've tried prayer...and it didn't work. 

I get this. I have prayed for many things that have never happened. I have prayed for people to do things that they've never done. I have prayed for things to change that never changed. But I'm reminded of a Bible story of a persistent widow. She asked some of a judge and he would not give it to her, but she would not stop asking. The evil judge finally relented just to get the woman to shut up. Then Jesus says how much more will God give us who actually loves and likes us. Sometimes we don't what we ask for or we don't get it in a very timely manner in our eyes. 

As I look on my life I've seen God move in ways that were so much better than what I prayed for. Be patient, keep praying, and watch God move. 

I got this. 

Self-reliance and self-responsibility are good to a point, but when we don't see a need for God in our lives and we don't pray its too much. Here's the problem...there's very little we can control. When we see no need for God, who is in control of everything, we take on God's role. We try to control everything. We are taking on an impossible task for we get overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, fear, and worry. Not only are we having all of these negative emotions going on, but we are not accomplishing what we could. 

Prayer is a powerful tool. It's not because we are good at prayer or know just the right words, but prayer is something that taps right into the power of God. It's right there at our fingertips. So just do it. The next time you feel stressed...pray. The next time you feel anxiety welling up in you...pray. The next time you feel fear creeping up on you...pray. 

We talk about just giving these things up to God. Now it's time to actually do it. 

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