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June 29, 2018, 2:32 PM

Reaction to Addiction

Addiction is a huge issue in our country. I'm not even going to look up numbers about addiction, because they aren't going to tell the story. Those who are identified as addicts pale in comparison to those who are actually addicted. I'm not talking just about drug and alcohol addiction. I'm talking about food, sex, work...these are all dangerous addictions, too. Addictions to work and money have brought down many a family just like addictions to drugs and alcohol. 

What I want to address is the attitude we have toward people who struggle with addiction. I would say many of us struggle with addiction. We may find food to be a comfort when we are troubled. We might soothe our pain with several glasses of wine. We might go to work to avoid the real issues in our lives. Even though we have our own struggles we might find ourselves very intolerant of the sins of others. Jesus addressed this in Matthew 7:5 when Jesus told us to take the PLANK out of our own eye before we try to remove the SPECK out of someone else's eye. Jesus used hyperbole here on purpose. Imagine a plank in your eye. When I used to set up scaffolding for work we used 2 X 12's for planks. Jesus is comparing our sin, a 2 X 12 plank, with the sins of others, a speck of sawdust. The hilarious visual is of someone swinging around a plank in their eye trying to fix the person with a barely visible speck of sawdust. 

Jesus is not talking about endorsing sin or never confronting sin. He is addressing the idea that we should try to judge ourselves before we judge others. What I've realized in my own life is that when I judge myself first I find that I'm so humbled by own sin that I just give up on criticizing anyone else. 

So try that. When you are tempted to judge someone who struggles with addiction stop and deal with the plank hanging off the side of your own head. You might be so busy dealing with that you won't have time to judge anyone else. 

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