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April 26, 2016, 9:25 AM

Simple Evangelism...don't be a jerk!

There's a lot of nonsense on Facebook. I know, obvious statement of the year, right? But the reason I keep Facebook is kind of like the reason I keep playing golf. There's a lot of terrible stuff but there's just enough good to keep me coming back. I read a statement this past week that I thought was really good. Here's what it said, "Sometimes the best evangelism is simply telling people you're a Christian and then not being a complete jerk." 

One of my friends commented on me sharing this yesterday on Facebook by saying, "What kind of Christians do you hang out with?" Well, I want to think that most of my Christian friends are really nice people, but sometimes Christians aren't. 

Sometimes we aren't very nice to unChristian people. 

Do you know that many waitstaff people hate Sunday afternoons because Christians are such poor tippers. I had one old preacher tell me, "If I only give 10% to God, I'm certainly not giving 15% to a waitress." With that attitude I really want to question whether or not he's generous with God. Shouldn't Christians be the best people to wait on? Shouldn't we be kind, patient, and generous? If this person is working when you just got out of church there's a chance that they are not a churchgoer or a believer. When I worked as a waiter to help put me through Bible college we had this one man who would come in quite often who claimed to be a believer. Each time he came in he would leave a Gospel tract that looked like a $10 bill. I know he was trying to spread the Gospel, but stiffing a waiter or waitress was not very effective. I could understand why my nonbeliever coworkers didn't like Christians. 

Sometimes we aren't very nice to each other. 

Does being loving and nice to each other really have anything to do with evangelism? Yes, it sure does. Remember what Jesus said in John 13:35, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." The everyone that Jesus is speaking of is unbelievers. Those outside the church will know that we are true disciples of Jesus by how we treat one another. I've seen a lot of people in the church get hurt by "friendly fire." My wife and I had really worked on getting one young gal to church when we lived elsewhere. We really tried for weeks to get her to come. She finally did and we were so excited. In the first 10 minutes she was there an older lady in the church "whispered", "My her dress is really short!" Well, her whisper was not exactly a whisper, and everyone in that section of the church could hear it. Two things were wrong: her dress was not too short, and this was rude and inconsiderate. We were very thankful that she considered who said it and decided to keep coming to church. 

The majority of Christians are trying hard to be nice people...keep it up!

I thought about the comment my friend had made about my Facebook post, "what kind of Christians do you hang out with?" I really thought about it and most of my friends are really cool people. They may not be cool by worldly standards, but they are good people. I hear stories about them. One of my friends tried to quit her job but her boss and co-workers begged her to stay. She's a really nice person and they don't want to see her leave. I have one friend who is a boss of many people. One of his employees recently told him that he's the best boss that she's ever had. He's fair and he truly cares about his employees. One of my friends owns a business and will give a job to just about anyone. He may not keep them but he gives them a chance. One of my friends is an office manager and he's always bringing food to the office and feeding everyone. (that would probably help your approval rating). One of my friends is a truck driver and has given out small gift cards to loaders who do a good job for him. I could go on and on. This is evangelism. 

Every once in a while I'll try to stop and think about what I'm doing here in ministry. I try to pause and reflect on what's been the most effective tools of evangelism. I do think church is very important and that my preaching is a HUGE part of my ministry. But the most memorable moments and lasting relationships are all about friendship. They are all about being there for someone in a time of need. I remember specific times where people did something so generous for me, or the time I was there for a person in their darkest of times. This is evangelism. 

So let's commit to this simple method of evangelism...DON'T BE A JERK. 

No one may ever write a book on this, but it may be just the most effective method going. 

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