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December 5, 2017, 10:59 AM

Simple people making a big difference

Most of us want to make a difference. We choose careers because we want to make a difference. We have families because we want to make a difference. We join a church because we want to make a difference. We get involved in coaching or mentoring because we want to make a difference. 

The problem is sometimes we just don't feel like we are qualified to make a difference. We know ourselves all too well. We know our flaws, our inconsistencies, our secrets, and our failures. How in the world could we make a difference in the world and in the lives of others when our own lives are pretty messy? 

As I think about some of the great stories of the Bible I think about the people that God used. We are inching up towards Christmas time fairly quickly and I think about Mary and Joseph. They were as common as they could be. Mary was an ordinary young woman, Joseph was a blue-collar working guy. There was nothing seemingly extraordinary about them, but God chose them to be a part of the most famous story ever told. 

Moses was just an ordinary shepherd who was trying to live a quiet, unassuming life when God called him to lead the Israelites out of bondage. Four different times Moses told God he did not want to do it, and he was not the man God wanted. God would not change his mind so Moses agreed. Moses felt inadequate...he had some kind of speech problem and he had killed a man. God told him your my man so let's get after it. 

The people of Israel had been crying out for someone to help them out. They once again had fallen away from God and had been suffering because of it. Their crops were getting plundered by other groups of people and they were starving to death. God called Gideon to help save them. God called Gideon a might warrior but Gideon disagreed. He told God that he was in the worst tribe of Israel, Manasseh, and he was the worst of the worst. God used Gideon anyway and using lanterns, glass jars, and trumpets they had a great military victory against their enemies. 

If you want to make a difference in the world it's not about you being extraordinary. Many extraordinary people never really live up to their potential, because they don't feel the need for anyone else. All you need is obedience. The reason that glass jars, trumpets, and lanterns worked in defeating thousands of men is because God told them to use them and they did. They were obedient. 

We are all pretty ordinary. Most of us won't be famous. We won't ever be eulogized by famous people in front of thousands in some famous cathedral. But our lives can make a huge impact if we will just partner up with God and be obedient to what he's called us to do. 

You want to make a difference? Be like Joseph, Mary, Moses and Gideon...just be obedient.  

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