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October 10, 2017, 9:58 AM

The Awe Factor

I will never forget the first time I walked into a major league baseball ballpark. I had grew up 30 miles from Portland, Oregon and had been to several minor league games, and I really loved those games. But it was the minor leagues in an old stadium with players that many had never heard of. I was a huge baseball fan. I only grew up less than three hours from Seattle, but we just never made it up there to a game. 

It was 1995 and I went to St. Louis with some high school and college kids and some adult sponsors. We walked into Busch Stadium and I could not get over it. It was huge. The minor league park I'd grew up going to was big by minor league standards, 20,000 capacity, but Busch stadium sat over 40,000 fans. The grass was incredible, the old Civic Stadium in Portland always had turf. And then the players. I look down there, quite a ways down there, and there was Ozzie Smith. Smith is probably the best defensive shortstop of all time. There's Brian Jordan who had also played football for the Atlanta Falcons. There's Todd Zeile a really good young hitter. Oh man...I was in awe. As other kids were more worried about getting a hot dog and a drink I just stood there soaking it all up. 

Do we still have the awe factor about God? 

I was reading an email I received this morning called, 4 Practices To Regain Your Passion For Ministry. Just like anyone who has been in a career or job for a while you lose your fire. You take for granted what you do, and you find yourself complaining and frustrated. The first practice listed in this email was, REMEMBER YOUR CONVERSION. 

I think the point is to remember what God has done for you. 

1. Remember where you've been

In 1 Corinthians 6 Paul is really letting people have it. He's going through a list of all the different sins and lifestyles that will prevent you from entering heaven. I can just imagine the people reading his letter and thinking, "Go get em Paul. That's right, those people won't make it!" Then in verse 11 he drops a bomb when he says, "and that is what some of you were." Paul was making them remember where they had been. 

They had come a long ways, but they needed to remember how they got there. God had done a lot of awesome stuff in their lives. God had saved them from a life of sin, and had empowered them to change and overcome a lot. It's so good for us to remember where we've been and God has done to get us where we are at now. 

2. See how good we have it

There are times I will be taking a shower and I will just thank God for hot water. I've been places in the world where hot water is not something that flows through the pipes. It's cold shower after cold shower. You almost get used to it after a few days, and then you go home. Oh man, that hot water feels so good. I do have it pretty good. 

Think about what God has provided for you. One time when I was teaching a youth class I had the kids go home and write down everything they owned. I wanted details. How many pairs of undewear, socks, shirts, pants. I wanted to know how many vehicles they had access to, how many TV's they could watch, how much food was in the fridge and the freezer. It was really cool to see them come back with this huge list. It helped them, and me too, to see that they were so blessed to have what they had. 

But it's not just the STUFF. 

You and I have HOPE through Jesus. No matter what happens to me or you our hope cannot be taken away. 

You and I have PURPOSE. Every day I wake up I have a purpose. I'm not aimlessly living my life just trying to survive and make it through the day...I have a reason to get up and go. 

You and I see MODERN DAY MIRACLES all around us. Let me tell you one that happened to our church and a family specifically in our church. So we put on a carnival to celebrate the end of the year for our children's program last spring. A family in our church runs a carnival. They offered to bring ups some rides for free for us. So cool. So they brought their generator that runs all the rides. They checked the generator before they got there and it was 7 gallons from being full. These generator ran for 6 hours. It takes 5-6 gallons an HOUR to run this generator. Do the math and it takes between 30-36 gallons to run the whole day. After the carnival is over they took the generator to the gas station and filled it up with fuel. It took 7 gallons to fill it. Remember that they started with 7 gallons under they ran this generator for 6 hours and it didn't use any fuel. THAT'S A MODERN DAY MIRACLE. 

So if you are beginning to yawn at your relationship with God it's time to spice it up. There are a lot of opportunities to do this. The early church did not serve a different God then we do today. 


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