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May 18, 2018, 11:50 AM

The Best Encouragement...a Good Example

When I think of encouragement I usually think of kind words and friendly notes or a nice text message. Encouragement is partly this but so much more. 

Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12 to be an example to the believers. He was told to set the example through his love, conduct, speech, faith, and purity. Part of the job of the pastor is to set an example and to encourage the people that they can do it, too. It's also your job. 

Being a Christian is hard for anyone. Going to church and putting a couple of bucks in the offering plate every week isn't too tough, but actually following Jesus is pretty tough. It's hard to do the right thing when others don't seem to care. It's hard to live different than your culture. It's hard to buck the temptations of this world, but it's worth it. 

That's the's worth it. We aren't even talking about's worth it for the hope and inspiration you give to others. People need some hope that they can live this life for God. They need to see others doing it to believe it. 

When I was much younger I had a mentor who gave me great advice. I took much of his advice and applied it to my life and my ministry and it worked. The problem was I got disappointed when I saw he wasn't really living it out. His life was coming off the rails. I still loved him but I lost some respect. 

Several years ago I met a man that became another mentor. I really respect him and was inspired by him, because he really did live the life. He never gave me advice that he didn't already do himself. I was inspired to try to do the things that he was doing. 

We need to realize that the best encouragement for others is not kind words or a nice note...that's important, too. But the best encouragement you can give is to set an example. Inspire someone by living the life yourself. 

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