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August 12, 2015, 12:21 PM

The Complexity of Life

I think most of us wish our life could be a bit more simple. We go from one thing to another with so much to do in between. We struggle to keep up with our schedules. We struggle to keep everything running smoothly. We think we have a good amount of money saved and then the transmission in our vehicle goes out. We think we can finally start being more active and we have more health issues. We think that we are about to get that promotion and we get a new boss. 

Nothing just seems to go as planned. 

As humans we want life to be simpler and easier, but as Christians we can see that there's a larger plan. 

I know that Abraham never had plans of starting over at age 75. 

I know that Job never planned to lose everything and have to start over with nothing. 

I'm sure that Paul never planned on being a preacher of the Gospel when he was persecuting Christians. 

We can think we have stuff figured out and planned out and have simplified our lives...but here comes a new challenge, a new crisis, a new complication to our simple plan. How do we handle this?

I could write for hours on this subject, but it comes down to one main solution...we learn to trust God more than we do ourselves. Life will continue to throw us curveballs. Life will continue to mess up our plans which seemed so perfect. Life will continue to rain on our parade. But if we have total trust in God we can make it through. If we simply trust in ourselves we will continually struggled with fear and doubt and anxiety. 

These kinds of blogs or posts come from what I'm going through. I want my life to just be simpler. I want fewer complications, fewer snags, and more easy sailing. I want to make a plan, I want it to come together smoothly, and I want to be in control of everything. I want to feel like I've got this. 

But I don't. I don't have this. There's very little I can control. If I continue to trust in myself I will spiral down into a big mushy ball of anxiety, sucking my thumb in the corner in the fetal position. I continue need to learn to trust God. He's got a bigger picture. He's trying to teach me something. It all seems very complicated to me, but He's got this. 

The complexity of life will always puzzle us, but having faith and trust in God sure simplifies it a bit. 

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