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February 9, 2016, 9:21 AM

The Gift of Letting Go

Forgiveness is a weird concept. We struggle with forgiveness because we have some warped views on it. Our mind does really strange thing with forgiveness. I've had a LOT of discussions with people who are struggling to forgive. The specific situations have been numerous, but the struggle has been common. Here's how the human mind struggles with forgiveness. 

We believe that people must pay for what they've done. We certainly believe in grace, mercy and kindness, but we are also strong believers in justice. We don't want to see people get away with things that they are guilty of doing. We've been wronged. We've been lied to, we've been cheated, we've been abused, we've been mistreated...fill in the blanks of how you've been wronged. We struggle to forgive these people who have wronged us, because forgiving them takes them off the hook. In our minds we conjure up the idea that if we forgive then we excuse their behavior. We are saying what they did is ok. This could not be further from the truth. 

In Ephesians chapter two Paul lays out very clearly how salvation works. In verse four through nine he lays out how God was merciful to us. He explains how grace works and how the incomparable love of God created a way for us to be forgiven. Through all of the mercy, grace and love our guilt is not simply ignored. In verse one through three Paul clearly states our guilt. 

Paul writes that we are, "dead in our trangessions and sins", "by nature objects of wrath", "disobedient"...our guilt is real. God doesn't forgive us because are "let off the hook", he forgives us because we are in desperate need of it. He forgives us because he desires a relationship with us. 

When you forgive you are moving on, letting go, and setting yourself free. When you hold onto hate, loathing, and revenge you are the one that is suffering. Your unwillingness to forgive is hurting the person you won't forgive way less than it's hurting you. Sometimes the object of your unforgiveness may not even be aware of how you feel. They may go to bed and sleep like a baby every night while you toss and turn with hate in your heart. 

I know that one little blog post won't heal your heart. I know that some of the wrongs that have been done against you are vile and hateful and have been a huge burden on your heart. But the sooner you are able to forgive and move on the quicker your healing will begin. Let God handle that other person. He knows what he's doing. 

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