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May 5, 2015, 9:48 AM

The Real Point Of Forgiveness

I have a lot of talks with people about forgiveness. Of all the things in life that are misunderstood I think that forgiveness is one of the top five. There are a lot of clear-cut things in the Bible about forgiveness. Matthew 6:15 clearly says that if you are unwilling to offer forgiveness to someone then God is unwilling to offer it to you. That's pretty powerful and straightforward. 

In Matthew 18 Jesus tells a parable about two men who owed money. The first man owed 10,000 bags of gold. This was an amount that he could have never in his wildest dreams paid off. The servant begged for mercy and the master forgave the debt. Immediately the servant found a person who owed him a hundred silver coins. This amount was so minimal compared to what he had owed, but he choked him and had him thrown into prison. People saw this incident and were so angry that they reported him to his master and he was arrested and tortured and demanded to pay back what he owed. 

In other words, God takes forgiveness really seriously. He has forgiven us so much we are in no position to hold back forgiveness from someone who has wronged us.

But here's what we really misunderstand about's good for us!

We usually look at the other person and justify why we won't forgive them. They haven't asked, they don't deserve it, they won't appreciate it. What you don't understand is that it's going to change your life! 

When you forgive someone you aren't saying what they did is okay. You are not letting them off the hook. You are not even allowing them into your life. You are choosing to do the right thing and forgive and let it go. When you refuse to forgive usually the only person you are really hurting is YOU!

Forgiveness doesn't always feel right at the time. It doesn't always feel fair. It doesn't always seem justified. But forgiveness is ALWAYS the right thing to do. We know how good it feels to know and live under the free gift of forgiveness God gives us. Now feel the freedom of forgiving other people. 

Don't go another day with an unforgiving heart. It's just not worth it!

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