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May 19, 2015, 11:48 AM

Two Roads To Hope

"I sure hope it doesn't rain today." 

You ever said this? Maybe you had to mow your grass or had a picnic planned or were set to attend a baseball game. You really hoped that it wouldn't rain. What did you really mean by hope? You meant that you weren't really sure whether you'd be lucky or not, but you wanted your wish to come true. 

This is not hope in the Biblical sense. Hope is real. Hope is definite. Hope is being convinced. It's not something you have in your hands yet, but you are as convinced of it as if it were. But how do we get this kind of hope? 

I was reading Romans chapter five this morning in preparation for my sermon and I was studying about hope. I don't read commentaries too often, but I really wanted to dig into a couple of things I read. One commentator said that we get hope from two places in our lives. 

First of all, we get hope when we are saved. When you are baptized into Christ you have instant hope. You have a hope and peace because through your faith in Jesus Christ you now have access to his grace. You now have real hope in eternal life. 

The second way we get hope is having our faith proven through difficult times. 

In the book of Malachi God condemns the people for robbing him. They were so puzzled. How in the world can you rob from a God who has everything? They were not giving their tithes and offerings. They were holding back from God what He had commanded them to give back. The issue was not a matter of finances, or a lack thereof, it was trust. So God told them to test him. Yes, test him. He told them to just give what they were supposed to do without question. He told them that if they would do this, trust him with their possessions and give, he would open up the floodgates of heaven and just pour out blessing on them. He wanted to help prove their faith. 

Life is a process. Maturity is a process. Hope is a process.  Your hope grows and becomes more real as it is tested and it passes. Your road to hope won't be without potholes or dangerous curves. As the old Ricky Van Shelton song says, "Just keep it between the lines." Don't give up. 

As Scripture reminds us in Romans 5, "hope does not disappoint." 

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