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September 21, 2016, 9:56 AM

Wait For The Wind

Do you ever feel as if the whole world is against you? 

Our minds are crazy and wonderful little gizmos. I know that calling the human brain a gizmo is a bit simplistic but you know what I mean. Here's how our brains work sometimes. Let's say that you are a customer service representative at a local business. You have just spent the morning helping ten customers. All ten were very satisfied with their service and very appreciative of your help. Then customer #11 comes along. They are grouchy, impossible to please, and leave angry with you even though you did everything you could to help them. Now remember, you just faced eleven customers and you made ten of them very happy...that's an over 90% success rate...any one would take that. But you find yourself frustrated and upset because all you can think about is that one unhappy customer. Welcome to the maddening operation of the human brain. 

Elijah was a prophet of God. He was a super-prophet. He was an amazing man. There was a showdown. This is like Wild West, OK Corral kind of stuff...on steroids! Elijah was called, "the biggest trouble-maker in Israel", by King Ahab because he preached and prophecied about Almighty God while Ahab and all of his people worshipped false gods. So Elijah comes up with a showdown. Let's just go ahead and see who is the real God. It's 450 prophets of Baal versus one prophet of God. It's 450-1...not really good odds here. 

So they set up an altar with meat on it. The prophets of Baal would pray to Baal and Elijah would pray to God. Whichever god or God would set the altar on fire would win. So the prophets of Baal began to cry out to Baal. They prayed, they cried out, they danced...and Elijah mocked them. He yelled at them to do it louder. He told them that they maybe he was busy, "maybe he's thinking, busy or traveling." (1 Kings 18:27) Elijah then says it's his turn. Elijah not only got his altar ready, but he had them soak it in water. They used so much water that it filled the ditch around the altar. Then Elijah called on God and God responded. He sent fire so hot and intense that it even burned up the stones and dried up all the water. The 450 prophets of Baal tried to run away but they tracked them down an killed them. What a victory! 

But soon after this great victory we find Elijah laying under a tree. He's fearful, he's depressed, the whole world is against him. The king and his wife want him dead and this is the thanks he gets. No one cares about him, no one is there to fight with him, his life is over in his mind. He is in a bad place. Then God shows up. Elijah stays the night in a cave and this huge wind comes up. Then an earthquake shakes everything. Then fire comes, and then a still small voice says, Elijah! Why are you here?" In other words, why are you so depressed? Why do you want to give up? Why do you think the whole world is against you? 

God tells him that there are 7,000 people ready to fight for him and with him. There are 7,000 people who have not bowed down to Baal and are ready to serve God and work with him. 

Sometimes we just need to sit and wait for the wind. Sometimes we feel like the world is against us, no one likes us, we aren't doing any body any good, and we just need to wait on the wind. We just need to see God show up and do something. In ministry I've felt like giving up so many times I can't count them. You just work and work and work and nothing seems to be working. Sometimes the harder you try the worse things get. Then you get someone who is upset with you and the downward spiral begins. We just need to hear the wind. We need to hear the voice of God saying, "You are doing some great stuff." 

The other day a good friend of mine was really struggling to decide what she was going to do about her career. She was feeling as if she just wanted to get out. Then someting really cool happend. She got a hand-written letter from a former student how lived halfway across the country from her. You heard me...a hand written letter...from a seventh-grade girl. She just old my friend how much her teaching meant to her and how much she appreciated her. This is that wind that we need to hear from. 

If you are feeling as if the world is against you and you can do nothing right there is a wind coming. There is a message coming to help you understand that your life does have purpose and you are doing some great things. Just remember to listen and respond when that wind comes. 

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