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February 13, 2018, 8:54 AM

What are you planting?

I'm not much of a gardener. I love to eat what comes out of the garden but it's not much fun to take care of it. I know for some people they love it so much, and for some it's some kind of therapy. But it's not much for me. There is one thing that I do know about gardening. You get what you plant. If you plant beans you'll get beans. If you plant potatoes you'll get potatoes...there's no mystery there. 

So what are you planting? 

I'm not talking about potatoes or beans I'm talking about what you're planting around you everyday. The church in Corinth was getting distracted by following the men who were preaching to them. Some had found allegiance to Paul and others had found allegiance to Paul. Paul dealt with this immediately. He tells them in 1 Corinthians 3:5 that they were just "servants through whom you came to believe." Paul said that they had two jobs...they planted seeds and they watered seeds only God could cause any growth. Their job was to plant the Gospel and to work together to water those seeds that they planted through their preaching and teaching and their fellowship with the people. 

So what are we planting with people? One preacher told a story about planting seeds. He was in a restaurant eating his lunch. He noticed a young woman struggling with her toddler. She was trying so hard to keep her little guy under control but was struggling. As the preacher left he stopped and bent down and told her that she was doing a wonderful job with her son and that she was a really good mom. This young woman just broke down in tears and told him that she really needed that. He just walked out. 

He didn't have a Bible study. He didn't invite her to church. He didn't baptize her later that day. He simply planted a seed. You see we are not responsible for the seed's full growth. We are here to plant the seed. That day that preacher planted a seed of hope and encouragement in the life of that young woman. As I write this I'm wondering how I can plant the same thing in someone today that I encounter. How can I plant a seed of kindness, hope, encouragement or peace? 

Let me put it this way. Maybe we can give someone a Gospel nudge today. Let's say that we use a scale of -10 to 10. A minus 10 is an atheist with no interest in God and a 10 is a mature believer who is winning others to Christ. What if I can just nudge a person one notch? Let's say I encounter a person that's a -5. They are kind of in between an atheist and a person who believes. Maybe they want to believe but they just aren't sure. They have been through a lot in their life. Maybe through my seed I plant today they move an notch to a -4. That's my job in my life. Maybe someone else will water that seed and will move them to a -3 or even further, but I've done my job in their life. 

So how can you nudge someone today through a seed that you plant? How can God use you today to do that? If you're not sure just pray for that opportunity. I believe with no doubt that if you pray for opportunities God will give them to you. God move someone a notch today. 

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