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March 2, 2015, 12:31 PM

What's A Half-Inch Anyway?

I love to read Joshua chapter one. The Lord is speaking directly to Joshua which had to be an amazing experience. God is preparing Joshua to take over for Moses as leader of Israel. I was reading recently about how many people that this was. The study I was doing said that there were about six million people led out of Egypt. Wow! Can you imagine being in leadership of six million people? Talk about a megachurch! So God is talking directly to Joshua and here is one of the things the Lord says to Joshua about sticking close to His Word and His Law..."do not turn from it to the right or to the left."

For a few years I was in the construction world as a blocklayer. We were very careful to lay the blocks just right. They had to be at the exact measurements on the blueprint. They had to be perfectly level in every way. We used lasers, tape measures, levels, and a string line to make sure everything was just right. 

In the grand scheme of things a half of an inch is no big deal, right? Let's say you are building a 50 foot wall. Each cinder block is eight inches long. If you are a half of an inch off at each block by the time you get down to the end of the wall you'll be off three feet, one inch. Wow! It didn't seem like much at first, but when you go for 50 feet it's a huge mistake!

When we stray from God's Word, even a half of an inch, we can get in big trouble in the long run. I do not claim to understand the Bible fully, or even have a good grasp on much of it, but I do my best to make sure my preaching lines up with Scripture. I want to make sure that I'm not leading anyone astray from what is right. Joshua had millions of people following him. He needed to make sure that he was not only speaking to them the right stuff, but also that he was living it the right way. 

When you are a leader, people do listen to what you say, but more importantly they watch what you DO. If your life doesn't match your message it won't be very effective. 

I hope that you are in the Word, studying it to learn how to live it. 

Even half an inch off can be a big deal. 



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