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August 15, 2018, 3:33 PM

Your Identify Revealed

We reveal identity a lot of ways. We tell someone our name. We show our driver's license. We wear a name tag. God reveals your identity a little differently. He reveals your identity in his Word. Many of you might not know your God given identity, because you've bought into the world's identity of you. 

I would guess that as a child you were given lots of identities that you never liked. Four eyes, chunky, dumb, slow, stupid, too skinny, too short, too tall...there's almost no escaping it. But this is not who you are. 

The media and adveritising tells us all kinds of things about ourselves. We are not pretty or handsome enough. We don't make enough money. Our clothes are not stylish enough. Our vehicle is too old. Our kids aren't involved in the right stuff. We don't have the right job, etc, etc. 

Here is what God says about you all through the book 1 Peter. You are REDEEMED. Your ransom has been paid. You are set free from the penalty of your sin by Jesus Christ. This is amazing news. 

You are CHOSEN. You are not an accident, you are not an oops, you are chosen by God. You are chosen to do amazing things for God. God did not get stuck with you. 

You are BRAVE. You have endured some scary stuff...cancer, car wrecks, deaths in your family, financial trouble, divorce. You have stood face to face with some tough stuff and you have battled and won. 

You are GIFTED. I have a friend who was reading a book and it was talking about understanding your strengths. It listed about 34 different strengths and and it said that with your top five strengths in a row that only about 200 people in the world had that same order of strengths. In other are uniquely gifted by God. 

You are HUMBLE. You are willing to serve. You are willing to get your hands dirty and humble yourself to serve other people. You are humble enough to admit when you are wrong and try to make it right. 

Your identity is revealed in God's Word. Stop looking at magazines that spew out worldly advice or the media that tells you who you should be. Trying to fit into the world's box is like trying to hit a moving target. You'll keep missing and you'll get so frustrated you'll just give up. Find your identity with God. He made you. He knows you. Listen to Him. 

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